Codi "flatface" Trafikant

Codi "flatface" Trafikant

January 30th, 1998 - December 16th, 2014

Cookies and Walks Forever.


Codi was given the nickname "Flatface" the moment he was first spotted by his family. Me (Mandy) and my sister Audrey (I was 8 and she was 10 at the time) saw a small, fury, white puppy with his face squished against the glass cage, looking out at everyone. When asked to see him, his face and fur stayed just as flat. It was a very memorable moment. We used to visit the pet shop often as kids to see or play with the animals, but this time was different. We sat and played with him for hours. I remember that he kept playing with and eating my hair. My Step Dad and Brother were then called to come meet him. We all fell pretty in love with him, and the rest is history as they say.

I still have a very vivid memory of the first night with him at our house. Me and Audrey were fighting over which room he would sleep in, so we all ended up bunking together with Codi. Little did we know we would be woken up by his cries to go pee at 5am.

Codi lived until almost 17 (he died a month before his birthday). He always had good health and amazing energy (but he would never bark!). He would go absolutely nuts anytime you would come home from school/work, and we couldn’t event say the word "cookie" or "walk" out loud (we would literally spell it out to each other if we wanted to say it), without him running around the room. This continued on into his old age.

Some of my personal favourite times with him, was as a student. I had the habit of setting up shop at the kitchen table, and I would either put him on the seat next to me, or he would lie on my lap for hours as I did my work. He would often end up with some multi-coloured hair due to procrastination and (non-toxic) highlighters.

We are all so lucky and grateful to have had such an amazing companion, little brother and son throughout such a significant part of our lives. We'll never forget our little stinkball <3

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Name Codi "flatface" Trafikant
Date of Birth January 30th, 1998
Date of Death December 16th, 2014
Home Town Montreal, QC, CA 
Interests Sleeping, Eating, Playing, More Sleeping


SiblingsAudrey Benoualid, Mandy Benoualid
ParentsMaurice Trafikant, Ruth Amiel
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1998 Brought to my new home
2014 Turned 16!


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