The Concept of a Keeper

You become the Keeper of your loved one’s memorial page when you create your account. Keep your loved one’s memory alive by sharing their life story, uploading photographs and videos, creating their family tree and inviting others to collaborate with you. As their Keeper, you can change, add or hide any content at any time. Keepers also have total control over who can visit and post on their loved one’s memorial page and delete any posts and images added by others.


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More than an Online Obituary
- An Interactive Memorial

All Keeper memorials come with these features:

Images and Videos

Store memories of your loved one in their Mementos page by easily uploading multiple images at once. Embed videos from YouTube, Vimeo and other popular video streaming sites to include a favourite song, family videos and more. Family and friends can like, comment, share, and add their own photos as well. KEEPER PLUS: Native HD video uploading directly from your computer or mobile device.

Guestbook & Tributes Center

All Keeper Memorial pages come with unlimited guestbook entries for friends and family to share their memories, condolences, tributes, dedications and images. The tributes center is fully interactive with commenting and “love” capabilities on all posts.

Biography and Obituary

Your loved one’s life story is more than a static obituary. Tell their full story, share your favourite memories, and turn their legacy into a living memorial.

In Memoriam Donation Link

Add a link to your charity of choice, crowdfunding site or In Memoriam donation fund to your loved one’s Keeper Memorial page. Keeper offers this feature with no associated service fees.


Highlight important life moments, such as a wedding anniversary, the birth of a child, career milestones, academic achievements, military history, and more and watch it automatically appear in a chronological timeline of your loved one’s life.

Cemetery and Grave Location

Store and share funeral home, cemetery, grave and mausoleum locations. Reduce the stress of navigating large cemeteries with the Keeper Mobile App, which includes walk-to-grave directions using precise monument geotagging capabilities.

Family Tree

Map out your family history so that future generations will always remember their roots. Every relative added to your family tree is automatically given their own Keeper Memorial page so you can continue building your family history.

Memorial Event Pages

Invite friends and family to a memorial service or gathering in honor of a loved one using Keeper Memorial Event Pages. Create a dedicated event page and send personalized invitations via Email, Facebook or Twitter. Keep track of your guestlist with our RSVP feature. Or let Keeper’s Virtual Funeral Service facilitator be your concierge to create, plan, and conduct your virtual funeral/memorial. Click here to learn more.

Customizable Themes and Design

Personalize your loved one’s Keeper Memorial page by choosing from our beautiful library of theme images, icons and emblems. Upload your own themes to reflect your loved one’s favorite hobbies and passions.

Private or Public Memorial Pages

Keeper’s fully customizable privacy options gives you full control over who can view and interact with your loved one’s memorial page and its content. Choose to make your loved one’s full memorial page, or even a single image, private.

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Start thinking about how you want to be remembered, today. With Keeper, you can be remembered in your own words by storing your most cherished memories and life history. Easily assign someone you trust to publish your online memorial on your behalf, using our secure and private process.

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Virtual & Hybrid Memorial Services

Keeping Memories Alive Together


We offer families completely virtual memorial services as well as hybrid in-person memorial services. A hybrid memorial is an in-person gathering with a virtual element for those who are unable to attend in person.

We will work closely with you to craft the perfect memorial service for your loved one. From finding the right words to say and hosting the video conference, to professional multi-media creation, event invitations and guest list management, our facilitators are with you every step of the way.

Your virtual memorial service will honor the memory of your loved one in a professional, personalized, and heartfelt way.

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