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General FAQ

  What Is Keeper?
Good question! Keeper is a social memorial website dedicated to remembering the lives of the departed. Our passion is storytelling, so we built a tool to help people preserve a life story and all the memories that come with it. You can create a collaborative memorial, where friends and family can leave condolences, upload photos, like, share, comment, connect, and remember those who are dearly missed. Whether you would like to share these memories with the world, or privately with a few close relatives, Keeper's platform is secure, simple and flexible.
  What is an online memorial?
Online Memorials are virtual spaces of remembrance, celebration and commemoration for the deceased. At the touch of a button you can revisit the life of a loved one, leave a condolence message, view their life through photographs and videos and connect with family members and friends.
  Why should I make an online memorial?
We used to commemorate our loved ones by sharing analogue photo books, home videos and memories with each other. Today, almost all of our photos and videos are created and stored digitally, and our family and friends are spread across the country and the world.

Online memorials are the perfect way to store and share these memories, while bringing everyone together in a collaborative commemoration. Rather than save the images in a personal cloud storage that only you can see, online memorials let you and your family collect your favorite memories, share stories and give your loved one a dignified legacy for generations to come.
  How can I create a memorial?
Click on the 'Sign Up' link at the top right of the page. You'll be asked to input some basic information about your loved one to get their memorial started. You will also have to fill out some information about yourself because you become the Keeper (i.e. the administrator) of their memorial.
  If I Sign Up with Facebook, will Keeper post on my behalf?
No, Keeper does not post anything on your behalf. We simply use your email address and name to create your account.
  How much does an online memorial cost?
Keeper Memorials are currently free! No hidden fees, or maintenance costs.
  Can I create a Keeper profile without creating a memorial?
Yes you can! On the Sign Up page, select the Create my Own Profile option. We just need some basic information, including your email, which will be used as your login. Once you've signed up, you can create a memorial, connect with an existing memorial, become part of a family tree or even begin building your legacy.
  Can I write out my legacy and create my memorial before I die?
At Keeper, we believe that everyone should plan ahead. When you sign up to Keeper, you can write out your own biography, create your family tree, and begin uploading your treasured photos and videos. Designate a family member to become your Keeper so that when you pass away, they can gain control of your profile and add any other information to keep your memory alive. Give it a try here.
  Can I make a memorial private for family & friends?
As a Keeper, you have total control of your loved one's memorial. Memorials can be 100% public or 100% private. Want to share your memorial with family only? You can do that. Want a public profile but private images? You can do that as well. Learn more about Privacy Settings Here.
  How long do memorials stay online?
Unlike newspaper obituaries which may only last a few days, or other websites that charge to keep it online, Keeper memorials are designed to last a lifetime. We do not delete any profile (but you can always remove any memorial you create). There are no trial periods or hidden costs.
  Can I link an online memorial to a burial or cremation location?
Keeper memorials can easily be linked to a loved one's resting place. Our Mobile App lets you geotag the exact coordinates of your loved one's location, allowing family members and friends to be guided directly to their monument with Google Maps.
  Does Keeper have a Mobile App?
Our Mobile App for Android phones can be downloaded from the Play Store for free! With our app, you can view memorials, edit any memorial you manage, view and upload photos, geotag a monument and more. Learn more about our Mobile App Here.
  Does Keeper offer grief resources and links? is Keeper’s large and active community with extensive resources and grief support articles. From dealing with loss, learning about cremation and green burial, tips for navigating grief and interesting death facts, the TalkDeath Keeper Community has got you covered. We are also on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and YouTube.

Creating & Editing a Memorial

  I am signed in, how do I create a memorial?
  1. Visit your profile
  2. Click on the + Create a Memorial button
  3. Input the deceased's name, date of birth, date of death and gender
  4. From there, you can write their biography, life history, upload photos, and more
I am signed in, how do I create a memorial?
  How do I upload photos to a memorial?
  1. Navigate to the Memento section of the memorial
  2. Click the +Add & Edit Mementos link near the bottom
  3. Drag & Drop your files or press Add Files to Browse
  4. Click Upload
Tip: You can upload up to 10 photos at a time, and have different privacy settings for each!

More Tips: Read our article on how to organize and collect family photographs!
How do I upload photos to a memorial?
  Can I upload videos?
Videos can be featured on a memorial, but not uploaded to Keeper directly. The first step to featuring a video on a memorial is to upload it to a video site. Keeper currently supports YouTube & Vimeo. Learn how to upload a video here.
  How do I upload a video?
  1. Upload the video to YouTube, Vimeo and Copy the video's URL
  2. Navigate to the Memento section of the memorial
  3. Click the +Add & Edit Mementos link near the bottom
  4. Click on the Video tab and paste the URL
How do I upload a video?
  How do I create a family tree?
  1. Log in to your account
  2. Navigate to the Family icon on your profile or the memorial profile you manage
  3. Under each family member there is a '+' symbol - this allows you to add a family member
  4. Fill out their information and remember to tick off whether they are deceased or not
  5. If you are adding another Keeper user, they must accept your request to add them to your family tree
Tip: Family members do not need to be current Keeper members to be added to your tree.

If you add a deceased person to your family tree, an online memorial will instantly be created for them!
How do I create a family tree?
  How do I send a Tribute, Condolence or image on a memorial page?
When you visit a memorial profile, you can leave a tribute message by simply navigating to the bottom of the profile. You have the option of sending a tribute as a:

  • Guest - Simply leave your name and email address to send your message
  • Keeper member - Sign in to your Keeper account and write your condolence
  • Facebook - Click on the Facebook icon to leave a message. It will not be posted to your Facebook account.
How do I send a condolence message?
  What is a Relation?
You can add relations to any Keeper user. This is a great way to follow someone's activity. Adding a Relation to someone allows you to:
  • -Add them to your Family Tree
  • -Add them as a Keeper to your loved one's memorial
  • -See their activity on your Network page
  • -Receive notifications when they create a new memorial
  • -Quick access to their memorial

Note: Users need to Accept the Relation before it is official.

Tip: In the privacy settings, you can select the Relations option so that only people that have a relation with your loved one's memorial can view it.
  How do I Add a Relation?
  1. Navigate to the person's profile you wish to Add a Relation to
  2. Select the Add button on the profile
  3. Click the Add Relation button next to each person you wish to add a Relation to
  4. The request will be sent to the user and you will be notified once they Accept
Tip: You can automatically add a person to a Family Tree during the Add a Relation process by checking off 'Is Name a Family Member?'
How do I Add a Relation?
  How do I send a private message to another Keeper user?
Keeper users can contact others within the Keeper network privately.
  1. Use the top search bar to find the user you wish to contact
  2. Click on the Message icon on their profile
  3. Write your message and hit send
Tip: You can easily access your message inbox by clicking on the envelope icon on the top menu bar
How do I send a private message to another Keeper user?
  How do I change the theme on a profile or memorial?
To customize a background header image:
  1. Once signed in, visit your profile or the memorial profile you manage
  2. Click on Edit Profile
  3. Navigate to Theme
  4. Choose one of our Keeper themes or upload your own image
Tip: For best results, use an image with dimensions 1024X768 and higher
How do I change the theme on a profile or memorial?
  Can I add an icon to my profile?
Icons are a simple way to personalize any Keeper memorial
  1. Once signed in, visit the memorial profile you manage
  2. Click on Edit Profile
  3. Navigate to Theme
  4. Click on the Icon tab
  5. Select the icon you wish to display
  6. Click Save Changes
Can I add an icon to my profile?
  Can I add an In Memoriam Donation link?
Allow family and friends to easily access the memorial fund you would like to donations in honour of your loved one to be sent to.
  1. Navigate to your loved one's memorial
  2. Click on Edit Profile and scroll down to the Memorial section
  3. Under the Memorial heading, you can add the foundation or charity name and Copy & Paste the link for visitors to access
Can I add an In Memoriam Donation link?
  How do I upload or change a Profile Picture?
  1. Click on "Edit Picture" in the profile picture bubble
  2. Scroll down and click "Choose a file"
  3. Select the desired photo
  4. Drag the box around your picture to crop and adjust size
  5. Click "Upload"
How do I upload or change a Profile Picture?

Online Memorial Management

  What is a Keeper?
A Keeper is the user that is designated to manage an online memorial. They are the “Keeper” of the legacy, responsible to keep the memories of that person alive. By creating a loved one's online memorial, you automatically become their Keeper.
  Why should I assign a Keeper to my own profile?
Assigning a Keeper to your profile ensures that your loved ones can access your memorial once you pass away. Use your Keeper profile to upload photos, write out your biography, milestones and build your family tree. When you pass away, your family can publish your life history, post and receive condolences, set up an In Memoriam Donation and manage your legacy.
  How can I become the Keeper of someone's existing memorial?
  1. Navigate to the memorial you wish to manage
  2. Click on the Keeper icon
  3. Click Send Keeper Request button
  4. You will receive an email notification once the Keeper of the memorial has accepted your request
How can I become the Keeper of someone's existing memorial?
  How do I add another Keeper to my loved one's memorial?
To add another family member or friend to help manage a memorial:
  1. Navigate to the memorial
  2. Select the Keeper button in their navigation bar
  3. Assign someone in your Keeper network by typing their name and selecting them in the dropdown. If the person is not yet a Keeper user, click Send Email Invitation
Tip: To assign another Keeper user to become the Keeper of a memorial, you must first Add a Relation to them.
How do I add another Keeper to my loved one's memorial?
  I am the Keeper of someone who passed away. How do I turn their profile into a memorial?
In order for a Keeper profile to turn into a memorial, the person's status must be changed from Alive to Deceased.
  1. Navigate to their profile and click Edit Profile
  2. Click on the Memorial section
  3. Change their Status from Alive to Deceased using the dropdown
  4. The profile will become a memorial
I am the Keeper of someone who passed away. How do I turn their profile into a memorial?
  How do I change a memorial's Privacy settings?
  1. Login to your account & click on Memorials in the top menu bar
  2. Choose the profile you would like to manage
  3. Click Edit Profile
  4. Select the Settings Tab
  5. Under 'Who can see this profile' use the dropdown to select the desired privacy setting.
    • Public: Anyone visiting the Keeper site can view the memorial and send condolences
    • Relations:  Only people you have added a relation to will be able to see the profile when they are logged in. ( See What is a Relation? )
    • Network: Only people logged into Keeper can see and post on the memorial
    • Family:  Only Keeper users in your Family Tree can see the profile when logged in.
    • Myself: Only you can see the memorial when you are logged in.
How do I change a memorial's Privacy settings?
  How do I remove, delete or deactivate my Keeper account?
  1. Before deactivating your account, ensure that you are no longer the Keeper administrator of any existing memorial(s)*
  2. In order to deactivate your account, navigate to your Keeper profile and click on Edit Profile
  3. Click the Settings tab and scroll to the bottom of the page
  4. Click on Deactivate Your Account
*Keeper memorials cannot remain online without a Keeper Administrator. Prior to deactivating your own account, you can deactivate the memorials you manage, or assign someone else to be the Keeper of any memorial(s) you have created. Click here to learn how to assign a new Keeper administrator to a memorial page.
How do I remove, delete or deactivate my Keeper account?

Keeper Mobile

  What is Keeper Mobile?
With the Keeper Mobile App, you can view memorials, edit any memorial you manage, view and upload photos, geotag a monument and get accurate GPS directions within a cemetery. You can scan Keeper codes on monuments and with the brand new QFind feature, simply take a picture of a monument with your smartphone or tablet to access your loved one's memorial. Our Mobile App for Android phones can be downloaded from the Play Store for free! iPhone app coming soon.
  What is a geotag?
Geotagging is the process of adding geographical identification to a place or object. When you geotag a monument in a cemetery using the Keeper Mobile App, it will save the monuments' exact longitudinal and latitudinal coordinates. This will allow visitors to be walked directly to the monument using Google Maps, which is built into the Qeepr Mobile App.
  How do I geotag or add the location of my loved one monument?
When visiting a loved one at a cemetery, you can easily add a location by geotagging their monument with the Keeper Mobile App.
  1. Open the app on your smartphone and search for your loved one's memorial
  2. Stand as close to the monument as possible
  3. Click the Geotag button and wait for the confirmation message
  4. Allow others to get instant directions every time they visit by clicking Directions
  Can I set a monument location without a smartphone?
  1. Access on your Desktop
  2. Navigate to the memorial you wish to set a location for
  3. Click Edit Profile and navigate to the Memorial section
  4. Add the name, location and plot number of the cemetery in the Locations field
  How do I get directions to a monument in a cemetery?
Once a monument has been geotagged, anyone with the Keeper Mobile App can be directed to the monument.
  1. Search for the memorial on the app
  2. Press the Directions button
  3. Google Maps will open up and provide exact directions.
Don't have the app?  You can visit and use your smartphone's browser to receive directions.
Tip: Make sure your smartphone's location services are turned ON!
  What is the scan feature?
The scan feature allows you to quickly see a profile by scanning a Keeper Code. Keeper Codes are QR codes that can be affixed to any monument in a cemetery. To scan, click on the Scan button on Keeper Mobile, and follow the instructions! You will be instantly directed to the memorial linked to the code.

Business & Organizations

  I am a business, organization, funeral home or cemetery, why would I join Keeper?
Keeper business partners have many opportunities to use our social online memorial platform to reach out to new or existing families, provide new services, enhance a business website, and more.

Businesses can utilize Keeper to:
  • Create an Keeper Organization Page
  • Create memorials for new and existing families
  • Display Keeper Memorials on a business website
  • Use the Mobile App to geotag entire cemeteries
  • Install a digital kiosk to display memorials

Learn More Here
  What is a Keeper Organization page?
A business page on Keeper is a profile made specifically for business or organizations, It allows you to display information and promote your cemetery, funeral home, flower shop, grief services, monument company, etc. You can also create online memorials for your families.
  How do I create an Organization Page for my business?
  1. Click Sign Up on the top menu bar
  2. Select the Create a Keeper Business Page option
  3. Fill out your organization's information and customize the profile
  4. Start creating Online Memorials for your clients
  Can I offer Keeper Memorials to my families?
Are you a funeral home, cemetery, hospice care center or other death care practitioner? Keeper Memorials allow you to offer beautiful and interactive online memorials for the families you serve. Keeper Memorials help grow your online presence as your company logo and website link will always be listed on the memorials you create for your families.

Keeper also offers a white labeled solution with a website plugin. Our plugin makes it easy for families to search, view, and interact with an online memorial directly on your business website - without the Keeper branding.

Contact Us for more information.
  I am a grief support counselor, death midwife or celebrant. How can I join Keeper?
Joining Keeper allows you to promote your services, connect with others in your area and help families by allowing them to create interactive and lasting memorials that include memorial service details.

To get started, Create a Keeper Business Page. We would love to have you as part of the Keeper Community!
  Can Keeper memorials integrate with my new or existing website?
We make it easy to integrate our online memorials with your new or existing business website. Easily implement our API or use our Plugin for any Wordpress powered site. All your existing data can easily be imported to automatically created memorials. Keeper can also link to most management systems.
Contact Us for more information.
  Can I connect my business's facebook account to my Keeper profile?
Yes you can! If you are just signing up with Keeper, input your Facebook Business Page URL in the appropriate box.
If you already have a Keeper Organization profile:
  1. Log in
  2. Navigate to your profile and click "Edit Profile"
  3. Under the "Info" tab, input your Facebook URL, and hit "Save"
  4. Return to your profile to see your Facebook posts displayed
Can I connect my business's facebook account to my Keeper profile?
  Can I use the Keeper Mobile App for my cemetery, memorial garden or funeral home?
The Keeper Mobile App makes it easy for you and your families to view and edit memorials, upload photos, geotag monuments and get accurate GPS directions within a cemetery. As a funeral home or cemetery, you can map out monument locations, making it easy for families to find their loved ones via Google Maps directions. For more information please contact a Keeper representative.
  Does Keeper provide mapping for mausoleums or columbarium?
Yes we do! We create beautiful and custom digital rendering of mausoleum or columbarium layouts. Using our digital kiosk, families can easily find their loved ones, and learn about the lives of every individual. The virtual map may also be utilized as a sales tool to display available and reserved plots.
  Does Keeper have a kiosk option?
The Family Legacy Center is an interactive, online memorial and mapping station for cemeteries, mausoleums, and funeral homes. Families can view & interact with online memorials, send condolences, share images & videos and easily find their loved one’s location within a cemetery. The virtual map can also be utilized as a sales tool to display available and reserved plots and niches. To find out how the Family Legacy Center can work for your business, contact a Keeper representative.
  How can I speak with someone about partnering with Keeper?
Keeper is proudly growing its number of partnerships to help serve families better. Please Contact Us to become a Keeper partner.