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As I learned by hosting my grandmother’s service, a memorial service is vital to gain closure and process grief."

What is a Virtual Memorial?

A virtual memorial service with Keeper is like an in-person memorial, but it’s conducted online with family and friends participating virtually via video conference. A hybrid memorial is an in-person gathering with a virtual element for those who are unable to attend in person. Our memorial services can include eulogies, image slideshows, videos, and recitations of poetry, religious texts, or other passages. Your service can also include a hands-on legacy activity such as gardening, cooking, or meditation.

Why use Keeper?

As experts in online memorialization and end-of-life care since 2013, you are in good hands with Keeper. We will work closely with you to craft the perfect memorial service for your loved one. From finding the right words to say and hosting the video conference, to online event page creation, our facilitators are with you every step of the way. Your Keeper virtual memorial service will honor the memory of your loved one in a professional, personalized, and heartfelt way.

What To Expect

Professional, Meaningful, Seamless Service


We work with you and your family to craft a personalized and meaningful virtual memorial service that’s truly unique to your loved one.


Our facilitator hosts the virtual memorial service and guides the event in accordance with your instructions, enabling you to be fully present and participate freely.


Our facilitator coordinates the logistics of the virtual memorial service for you and your guests. We use our expertise and knowledge to help you navigate important decisions such as: who will be speaking, the order of the service, and the content of the service.


We collaborate with you to create a personalized legacy project or activity for you and your participants during the memorial service that honors your person. Some examples include memorial playlists, cocktail classes, cooking activities, and art.

*Legacy projects are included with the Premium Experience


With your feedback, we garner fitting passages, poems, and literature to share during the memorial service. Our facilitator can assist you in finding the right words to share. Keeper offers professional written eulogy services as part of the Premium Experience.


Following the virtual memorial service, the facilitator provides all participants access to the slideshow video, a recording of the memorial service, alongside a thank you email with some final words.


We work with you to collect and curate any multimedia elements, including images, slideshows, music, videos, etc. The service facilitator uses these pieces to build custom multimedia elements for the memorial service.


We make sure all event speakers can log into the event on Zoom, and check their microphones, cameras, and lighting to ensure guests receive a high-quality experience. We coordinate and assist you in connecting your audiovisual equipment, and help determine the optimal position and settings for cameras and microphones. We can work with most hybrid events, and no additional equipment is required.

Virtual Memorial Service
Sample Program

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What is a Legacy Project?

A legacy project is an activity that virtual memorial participants do together during the service. Our facilitator collaborates with you to create an activity that best reflects your loved one.

The legacy project can be active, collaborative, quiet, or reflective - you decide!

Sample Legacy Projects


Did your loved one have a green thumb? Gardening can be an incredibly healing practice, and a beautiful way to pay tribute to a loved one. Our facilitator guides event participants through an indoor gardening activity such as potting an indoor plant, planting memorial seeds or creating an indoor succulent garden. As guests work their way through the activity, the facilitator invites conversations on how this legacy project reflects the honoree.

A supply list and instructions will be sent to participants prior to the memorial service.


Was your loved one passionate about food, or known for a signature dish? This hands-on activity is a meaningful and interactive way to remember a loved one and can bring you closer to your cultural culinary roots. Our facilitator walks guests through preparing, cooking, or baking a recipe of choice, while inviting reflections throughout from all guests.

A supply list and instructions will be sent to participants prior to the memorial service.


Grief is like music: it comes in waves; it ebbs and flows. Making a memorial playlist can be a rich way to honor your loved one, especially if they were a lover of music. What songs did they listen to throughout their life? What songs stayed as favorites throughout the years that they gladly shared with those around them? We’ll work with you to tell a story through a selection and curation of songs to portray your person’s spirit. This playlist can be shared with guests at the end of the service and sent to them afterwards as a way to continue to honor their memory.

Livestream only
Core Experience
Premium Experience

Planning and Preparation

Free 30 Minute Consultation

Event Day

Monday - Sunday
(Holidays Included)

(Weekends and Holidays + $250)

Weekends and Holidays

Planning Session with Facilitator

1.5 hours (multiple sessions)

2.5 hours (over multiple sessions)

Rehearsal with Event Speakers

30 minutes Tech Rehearsal

30 minutes

1 hour

Event and Logistics

Duration of Service

Up to 1.5 Hours

Up to 1.5 Hours

Up to 2.5 Hours

Number of Guests

Up to 100 guests

Up to 100 guests

Up to 500 guests

Number of Speakers


Up to 6 Speakers


Professional Event Facilitator


Guest Moderation (muting guests, spotlighting speakers, etc.)

Event Announcement with RSVP

Digital Thank You Card

Reception Rooms

Memorial Service Features + Extras

Keeper Plus Memorial Page

Keeper Plus Event Page

Memorial Service Program
with welcome musical selections

Multimedia Slideshow Creation

+ $150

One Video
(Up to 150 Photos)

Up To Two Videos
(Up to 150 Photos per video)

Curation of Readings (eg. poems, short stories, letters, religious text, scripture, etc.)

Professionally Edited Service Recording

Unedited Recording

Professionally Written Eulogy
with Visual Presentation

Meditation & Mindfulness Session

Custom Legacy Activity (baking, musical playlist, cocktail class etc.)

Virtual: $1,400
Hybrid: $1,600
Virtual: $2,100
Hybrid: $2,300

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