Best Online Memorials
for Cemetery & Funeral Professionals

Keeper offers a full suite
of digital memorialization tools

to help you serve the modern customer better.

Enrich your business with online memorials for your clients. We offer a variety of digital and interactive memorialization options to preserve the memories of the families you serve. Keeper partners see an increase in their revenue, greater customer satisfaction and gain a competitive edge by utilizing the latest technology and tools customers use daily.

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Create Your Free Keeper Business Page

Having an official business page on Keeper is a great way to increase your brand exposure and keep in touch of the families you serve. Each business page is optimized for discoverability in search engines like Google, providing another channel for potential customers to learn about your services.

When you create a memorial for a family through your business page, you can assign co-ownership to a family member or next of kin. Each time you create a Keeper memorial, your logo and web link will be permanently included on their page.

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Keeper business page
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Display Beautiful Online Memorials on Your Website

Share the story of your clients on your cemetery or funeral service website with the Keeper memorial integration package. Our plugin service makes it easy for families to search, view, and interact with an online memorial directly on your business website. Increase your web traffic and generate sales leads from the interactions with every memorial.

Easily Move all Cemetery
& Funeral Records


We offer a simple and affordable import service that will bring all your memorial data into
the feature rich, mobile friendly Keeper environment. Our memorial service works with
any website platform, including Wordpress and custom sites.

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Keeper Mobile - A Personal
Guide for Your Visitors

Keeper Mobile includes advanced mapping features that can guide visitors to the precise monument location, reducing the stress of navigating large cemeteries. The QFind feature lets anyone snap a picture of a monument and automatically be directed to the person’s Keeper online memorial.

Put Memories on the Map

Map Your Cemetery Space With the Keeper Mobile App

The geolocation function of Keeper mobile allows users to attach the location of a physical monument with the tap of a button.

If your organization has genealogical data and records, the geotagging feature is a great way to make that information available to family members and site visitors. If your company has the geolocation data already stored, it can quickly be imported into the Keeper system to be made available to the world.

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Keeper Online Memorial App
Online memorials and family trees

Display Interactive Memorials & Map on a Digital Kiosk

The Family Legacy Center provides you with an interactive way to display Keeper memorials at kiosks or any web connected screen within your funeral home, cemetery or mausoleum. Create opportunities to connect with more families by encouraging visitors to stay longer and explore their genealogy. The Family Legacy Center makes getting around easy with digital mausoleum and columbarium maps, and connected GPS mobile app for cemetery grounds.


The Simple Mausoleum Mapping Tool for Sales People
Show potential clients available niche spaces easily from your office computer or tablet virtually anywhere. Using the digital mausoleum map, the Keeper sales tool displays vacant and occupied space, allowing you to discuss the available options from wherever families are most comfortable.

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