Mirabel Jin-Sun Catharine Telfair-Cha

VIRTUAL Memorial Service

15 octobre, 2021

Please RSVP here for virtual attendance. The Zoom link will be sent close to the day of the event.

To join by phone, dial: (301) 715-8592 and enter Meeting ID 8915 1518 086# on prompt.

Mirabel was known and loved by so many. We invite those with a personal connection to Mirabel or her family and who are fully vaccinated to attend the memorial in person. In the interest of ensuring everyone’s safety, particularly unvaccinated children, all others, including children under age 12, should attend virtually. Your presence on Zoom will be seen and deeply appreciated. In addition, please know that there will be many ways and many times in the future to support and be present with the family.

Anyone not feeling well should not attend in person and join the virtual service.

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Date 15 octobre, 2021
Heures 2:00pm-4:00pm (GMT-4:00) Eastern Time (US and Canada)
Lien de l'évènement Mirabel Telfair-Cha Virtual Service


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Charlotte Livingston a publié une question .

Would anyone happen to know where the recording can be found?



Nicholas Premysler a publié une question .

I'm also getting a password prompt


Erin Casey a publié un commentaire .

Have you gotten it?


Tahon a publié une question .

Any password? I am told the limit of 100 attendees was reached and it is impossible to join



Jesse a publié une question .

Also getting a password prompt



Naomi Barry-Perez a publié une question .

Looking too



Acosta a publié une question .

Zoom password?


Sam Saperstein a publié un commentaire .

Does anyone have a passcode? I can’t get in without it

Erin Casey a publié un commentaire .

Did you get it?

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