Karen Elizabeth Julina Hawley

Karen Elizabeth Julina Hawley

23 enero, 1963 - 8 julio, 2021


Karen Hawley passed away peacefully in the early morning of July 8, 2021, at the age of 58. She fought like a tiger against her returning breast cancer and Covid-19. Karen was surrounded by her husband, children, siblings, and parents. She was a nurturing mother to her daughter Ana and son Max, a caring wife to her husband David, a loving daughter and caregiver to father Murray and mother Elizabeth, a supportive sister to brother Alex and sister Peggy and aunt to nieces and nephews Ayisha, Bruno, Finnigan and Molly.

Karen tirelessly worked for others and always moved through the world with kindness, empathy, and love. A passionate activist, she dedicated her life to fighting countless good fights - from the deep roots she planted throughout Ontario’s PIRG (Ontario Public Interest Research Group) network to her ongoing interest and plans of building a tire house - she has inspired so many others along her journey. She also lent her voice and was active in:

- The global boycott of Pepsi;
- The Burmese Student’s movement;
- The student days of action against tuition hikes;
- Solidarity with welfare recipients;
- Showing support for those in East Timor and Palestine;
- The Kanata-Carleton NDP Riding Association;
- The York University project - Work in a Warming World;
- She was key in the early development of Ecology Ottawa;
- And so much more…

Her environmental activism fed into her long love of nature, including the numerous gardens she built in her backyard, the communities she lived in and her workplaces, and her plans to become a master gardener. Like a goddess of nature, Karen sparkled when she worked in the soil and was close to the Earth.

Karen was also a skilled quilter who made many beautiful pieces. Almost everything she sewed was dedicated to someone she loved, and she would often tell stories as she worked on a piece, stitching her memories into the fabric. As a friend, Karen was unfailingly generous with her encouragement, empathy and support. She delighted in bringing people together and finding shared experiences.

She will be remembered for more than just her impactful and hard work but for who she was as a person - Karen loved unconditionally, she was the epitome of motherhood, a caregiver, and above all a generous, kind human. She will be remembered in the minds, memories and hearts of the countless people who knew her and those that she positively affected through her strength and compassion.

If you would like to donate to a cause Karen was involved with and passionate about, visit, an organization supporting the protection and health of the Ottawa River watershed.

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Acerca de

Nombre Karen Elizabeth Julina Hawley
Fecha de nacimiento 23 enero, 1963
Fecha de defunción 8 julio, 2021
Ciudad de origen Ottawa, ON, CA 
Frase favorita Be the dandelion: the persistent radical that will always blossom!

Página conmemorativa

Cementerio Oconto Cemetary
Dirección Tichborne ON
Momento importante

Momentos importantes

1978 - 1982 Earl of March, High School
1982 - 1987 Carleton University, BSc in Ecology and Evolutionary Biology
1989 Marriage to David Cronkite
1993 Birth of Ana (Daughter)
1993 - 2006 Coordinator, OPIRG - Carleton
1996 Birth of Max (Son)
2003 Midwife (for sister Peggy)
2007 - 2012 Board Member, Climate Action Network
2007 - 2012 National Representative, National Union of Public and General Employees
2009 - 2011 Climate Reality Presenter, Climate Reality Project
2012 - 2015 Community Network Coordinator, Ecology Ottawa
2012 - 2016 Research Associate, Work in a Warming World
2012 - 2020 Educator, Researcher and Community Organizer, Norma's Story
2018 - 2021 Child Care, Self Employed
2019 Family Trip Abroad (Ireland)
2020 Master Gardener


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Rebecca Last published a tribute .

Karen was a new member of Master Gardeners of Ottawa-Carleton but had already demonstrated how valuable she was through her involvement with our many activities. She will be sorely missed. My deepest condolences to her family. What a wonderful woman she was!
~Rebecca Last, Ottawa

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Caracteres: 6000
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Tim Reece published a tribute .

The original (probably founder) member of the EofM “Anarchist Club”, Karen was always ready with a comeback whenever I started to tease her. As much as we fought, I enjoyed her company. She was a great friend, and she helped make high school bearable.

Karen, thank you for being a friend. My condolences to family and friends. She left a place in my heart so I’m sure she has a huge chunk of those closer to her near the end.

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Caracteres: 6000
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Vihar Joshi published a tribute .

I was at EOM with Karen for all 5 years. I am so fortunate have have met her and spent sooooo much time with her. The memories will last forever.

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Donald Lafleur publicó un comentario .

I worked with Karen via the Canadian Labour Congress on the ACW file and have known her for a long time She was a great Sister condolences to family and friends

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Caracteres: 6000

Karen Hawley's Virtual Memorial

2 octubre, 2021 en 3:00pm
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