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Nombre John Gaydos
Fecha de nacimiento 1946
Ciudad de origen Lakewood, OH, US 
Intereses Teaching schools of kids and adults about Conan the Grammarian, Doing orthodonture (wiring branches together) to an 18 foot christmas tree, Building a triple decker tree house and horse swing, Making 7 foot tall kites with straws, string and tissue paper, Making Ukranian eggs with names in the shape of Santa beards and birds, Reading and playing dot games with grandchildren, Getting kids and parents excited about trilobites, Drawing pictures of family members and flowers, Making yummy corn waffles, caramel balls and virgin strawberry daiquiris, Creating 20 foot tall hanging valentine gifts, Developing 15 part scavenger hunts for his daughters


HermanosDorothy Miller, Eleanor Kostak, Jody Amsden, Maryanne Ratica
PadresJohn Michael Gaydos, Anna Ratica
CónyugeMarian Gaydos
HijosMegan Gaydos, Heather Gaydos, Lindsey Gaydos
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Momentos importantes

1946 Born to Anna and John, youngest sibling of 4 sisters
1960 - 1964 Lakewood High School, High School Degree
1964 - 1968 Brown University, Bachelor of Arts, Fine Arts and Comparative Literature
1968 - 1971 Teacher and Volunteer in Iran, US Peace Corps
1968 - 2018 Educator Extraordinaire
1971 Adopts Mohammed as younger brother, moves Mo to U.S.
1972 Meets Marian in graduate school
1972 - 1974 Case Western Reserve University, Masters in Teaching
1973 Marries Marian in Cleveland, OH
1973 - 1974 High School Teacher, Cleveland High School
1974 Moves to New Hampshire with Marian
1975 - 1979 Elementary School Teacher, Atkinson Elementary School
1976 Daughter Megan is born
1979 Daughter Heather is born
1980 - 2008 Middle School Teacher, Timberlane Regional Middle School
1986 Daughter Lindsey is born
1990 Receives Walmart Teacher of the Year award??
1990 Other teaching award
1990 Other teaching award
2000 Starts accompanying Marian with her beaded jewelry business to craft shows
2010 - 2017 Fossil dealer, U Ole Fossil
2012 Granddaughter Citlalli is born
2014 First detected prostate cancer
2015 Granddaughter Kiren is born
2015 Moves to Coventry, RI
2017 Granddaughter Jinora is born