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Donald Eugene Grind

Donald Eugene Grind

6 febrero, 1949 - 23 marzo, 2018


Donald Eugene Grind–family man, adventurer, friend–died in Sacramento on March 23rd, 2018 at the age of 69.

Don was born in Pomona, California in 1949 to Robert Emerson Grind and Helen Mae Burns. He grew up in Glendora and Fair Oaks, CA, before the family moved to Placerville during Don’s high school years where later returned and raised his own family. He studied Mechanical Engineering at UC Davis, graduating in 1971, and went on to work at Lawrence Livermore Labs and Aerojet before launching his own company, Solution Centers, which he ran for 26 years.

Starting at an early age he had a passion for sports and the outdoors; his life story is filled with big adventures around the world, from helicopter skiing in Canada to sailing across the Pacific (twice) to cycling across the United States.

He was an adventurous and positive spirit who brightened every room he entered, who made exciting things happen throughout his life, and who loved his family and friends deeply and sincerely. He was a dedicated father and all-around family man, and he gave at every turn. He loved sailing, cycling and hiking and brought many of us along for his grand adventures in the outdoors.

Don will be remembered for his wit and generosity, as well as his big ideas and ever-inclusive approach to life. He was a loving son, father, grandfather, brother and husband. He loved outdoor adventure, good friends and good food, and family most of all.

He is survived by his wife Ginny, son Steven, sister Cheryl, brother Dale, grandsons Ellis and Wesley, and nephews Sean and Chad. He was preceded in death by his son, Aaron, and his parents.

We will forever miss him.

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Acerca de

Nombre Donald Eugene Grind
Fecha de nacimiento 6 febrero, 1949
Fecha de defunción 23 marzo, 2018
Ciudad de origen Placerville, CA, US 
Intereses Sailing, Cycling, Travel, Hiking, Fly Fishing
Frase favorita "Ain't no use to sit and wonder why, babe."


HijosAaron Grind, Steven Grind
CónyugeVirginia McCormick
SiblingsDale Grind, Cheryl Grind
PadresRobert Grind, Helen Burns
Grand-ParentsOtto Grind, Samuel Burns
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Momento importante

Momentos importantes

1963 - 1965 Del Campo High School
1965 - 1967 El Dorado High School, High School
1967 Graduated El Dorado High School (Placerville)
1967 - 1971 University of California, Davis, B.S. Mechanical Engineering
1970 Married Patricia (Patti) Hill
1971 Graduated UC Davis (B.S. Mechanical Engineering)
1972 Sailed on the "Spray Chaser" (Columbia 36-foot sloop) with Robert, Helen, Dale and Pat, starting from the Chesapeake Bay, down the East Coast Intracoastal Waterway to Florida, across the Gulf Stream to the Bahamas; then back to Florida.
1972 - 1974 Mechanical Engineer, Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory
1974 Mechanical Engineer, Aerojet
1977 Son Aaron David Grind born
1979 Son Steven Michael Grind born
1986 Computer Sales and Marketing, Hewlett Packard
1986 Owner, Solution Centers International
1992 Married Kathleen (Sambocetti) Withrow
1993 Rode Markleeville Death Ride with Steven (125 miles, 15000' climbing)
1994 Rode Markleeville Death ride (again)
1998 Married Virginia (Ginny) McCormick
2005 Completed 100th Annual TransPac (Transpacific Yacht Race) with Steve, Randy McCormick, Paul Kamen, and Mark English from Long Beach, CA to Hololulu
2007 Completed TransPac (2nd time)
2007 1st place: Cal Coastal Cup (sailing race SF to Santa Barbara)
2010 Rode bike across US with Ginny (Northern Tier route from Anacortes, WA to NH


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Randy Mccormick publicó una condolencia .

Without a doubt the Transpac was a peak experience of my life, and one that never would have happened without Don. How can anyone attach a value to that, other than to say it was a gift beyond measure. I can remember the exact moment when he mentioned the idea to me. Deb and I were having dinner out with Don and Ginny. He said he was planning to do the race, and Ginny had mentioned to him that I had some experience sailing. He was curious if I might be interested. It was like I had just won the lottery! I mean, are you kidding me, race across the Pacific to Hawaii?!!! And then, to find out he would be the kind of guy I would end up loving like a brother. Whew . . . I was, I am, sooooo lucky to have had him in my life. We all are. Don had the ability to pull me out of the mud of day to day existence and make me think about new challenges and adventures and how to have more fun in life. He not only talked about living large, he went out and did it! Who doesn’t want to be around a guy like that? And he gave himself to others so freely that you felt like his energy could just lift you right up when you were around him. To others I called him my cousin-in-law, but he was so much more than that. He was one of the best friends I will ever have. During the past year or so I could not help but feel the anguish he was experiencing as his condition worsened. You all did so much for him during this last part. To stand by him and love him with so much kindness in the middle of his agonizing chaos was profound. I hope that you all can feel the gift of love you gave, standing by him until the end. Don just naturally gathered loving people around him like bees to a flower. That’s the kind of guy he was. I like to think that at some point Don sensed that he was at the point where he was unable to live the life he wanted, so it was time to move on to his next adventure. Wherever he is now I bet he has all the sails up and is surfing downwind with a big grin on his face. I have a large, framed copy of the same photo you have on the masthead of the website. It is on the wall in my office, near the door. Every day I grab my gear and head out to do a kayak or boat tour I look over and see him waving to me from the companionway on Far Far with that huge smile on his face. I smile back at him, thank him, and say, “Hey buddy! Let’s see what we can find out there!” Don will be with me until my final days, and I am a better man for it.

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Courtney (Stutts) Zuke publicó una condolencia .

Wanted to share the message I shared on Facebook after Don passed. "When it's time to die, let us not discover that we have never lived." - Henry David Thoreau No question, Don Grind lived, and lived in epic fashion. Blessed beyond measure to have him in so, so many of my childhood memories, to have dined at his table, to have heard his adventures, felt his love, and to have been a recipient of that particular smile, those crinkles around his eyes, that oozed pride I always hoped to earn. A Renaissance man, who raised Renaissance men. And he could give one hell of a toast. Here's mine, of many, to him. The world is altered in the best of ways by his walk. His memories will warm the chill of his loss. I will always miss him. Cheers, and my love to you, Mr. Grind. ♥️

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